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Bassinet Bedside Sleeper for Baby 0-6 Months with Wheels, Mattress, Drop Down Side

Bassinet Bedside Sleeper for Baby 0-6 Months with Wheels, Mattress, Drop Down Side

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Cradle your precious baby girl or boy in a haven of repose with the BICYSTAR Bedside Moving Bassinet – our lovingly curated treasure trove of baby furniture. Designed in a neutral palette, this bedside bassinet is a dreamy blend of vintage charm and modern functionality.

Doting parents keen on keeping baby next to me, rejoice in its adjustable, tilting side sleeper bassinet feature, thoughtfully conceived for those tender, next to bed moments. Ideal for small spaces, it's a folding marvel that bridges the gap between your sanctuary and theirs, crafted to become an attached to parents bed ensemble.

Rolling to your side in the wee hours promises effortless, soothing comfort — especially designed for babies experiencing reflux, with a gentle incline to foster peaceful sleep.

  • Compact Elegance, Adjustable Heights: Enjoy the flexibility of a multi-height, safe enclosure, catering to beds with an effortless folding mechanism – a vintage-inspired, yet distinctly modern combo.
  • Storage Haven, Sleep Convenience: A covert storage paradise lurks beneath this side sleeper bassinet, ready to host all nursery essentials and more in its generous compartment.
  • Mesh-Wrapped Panorama, Watchful Slumbers: 4 airy, mesh walls offer a full view, ensuring your baby feels the love from every angle. Safe and snug, close at hand, it's a comforting cocoon for any sleeping angel.
  • Soothing Sojourns, On Wheels: Glide through nocturnal adventures to ensure your little one stays snug and serene, with the liberty to relocate from nursery nook to dreamy bedroom with ease.

Choose the BICYSTAR Bedside Bassinet with gold color metal frame, a symphony of baby safe, functional art, and the latest gem in bedside baby care. Craft your little one's early chapters with the safest sleep, from twilight feeds to morning smiles, in their very own snug retreat that's merely an arm's reach away.


Net weight: 20lb

SDimensions: 36.6x21.3"

Mattress: 34.3x18.1"

Drop down door: 25.6"

6 Height Settings: 

  1. 29.5" 17.7"
  2. 30.7" 18.9"
  3. 31.9" 20.1"
  4. 33.1" 21.3"
  5. 34.3" 22.4"
  6. 35.4" 23.6"

Leg length: 22.4-30.7"

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