16" Balance Bike Assembly Guide | Model No. BS-KB02 - Bicystar

16" Balance Bike Assembly Guide | Model No. BS-KB02

Bicystar Balance Bike Model No. BS-KB02 Assembly Guide

Follow our straightforward guide to assemble your Bicystar Balance Bike. Here's a quick rundown of the steps for your convenience:

  1. Bushings Installation:

    Insert the large bushings into the head tube of the bike frame, ensuring a tight fit.

  2. Fork Attachment:

    Place the smaller bushing inside the front wheel fork, then thread the fork into the bike frame from below.

  3. Handlebar Assembly:

    Set the additional bushing on top of the fork and insert the handlebars. Align them with the front wheel, then secure by tightening the clamp clockwise.

  4. Seat Placement:

    Insert the seat post into the bike frame, adjust to the correct height, and secure with the quick-release clamp.

Adjust the Height

For the ideal riding position, adjust the seat so your child can place their feet flat on the ground with their knees slightly bent. If needed, open the quick-release clamp to adjust the seat up or down. If the clamp feels loose or too tight, fine-tune the adjuster nut for the perfect snug fit.

With these simple steps, your child will be ready to embark on their balance bike adventures in no time. Still have questions? Our step-by-step assembly video guide on the blog will walk you through each part of the process.

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